Law Enforcement

  • Maury Straub, Ozaukee County Sheriff, Retired
  • Adam Gerol – Ozaukee County District Attorney
  • Mark Bensen, Washington County District Attorney
  • Chief Scott Nicholson – Thiensville Police, Retired
  • Steve Graff, Mequon Police Chief, Retired
  • Jeff Goetz, Saukville Police Chief, Retired
  • William Meloy, Saukville Police Chief, Retired
  • Jed Dolnick, Jackson Police Chief, Retired
  • Richard Preston, Thiensville Police Chief, Retired

“As a law enforcement administrator, I often sat in on his municipal court sessions and admired Judge Cain’s ability to weigh the facts and administer justice in a professional, fair and efficient manner. Steve Cain is the type of judge Ozaukee County needs and deserves.”

Steve Graff, Mequon Police Chief, Retired


  • Ozaukee Realtors Association
  • Grafton Professional Police Association

Community & Business Leaders

  • Layton Olsen
  • Mal & Jill Hepburn
  • Jim & Carol Coutts
  • Vince Cameranesi
  • Bob Roden
  • Carol Schneider
  • Tom Miazga
  • Dale Lythjohan
  • Dave Podewils
  • Jerry Herbst
  • Jim & Michelle Fitzpatrick
  • Greg & Megan Ehlers
  • Jim & Sandy Pape
  • Pat & Debbie Bremmer
  • Brian Collins
  • John Heyer
  • Bob Chmielewski
  • Dave “Bones” Boyles
  • Chris & Sara Smith
  • Greg & Heidi Borca
  • Tom & Sheri Price
  • Mark & Yvette Roller
  • Chad & Donna Koehler
  • Kathy Jagow
  • Elaine Carlson
  • Paul & Amy Radtke
  • Jim and Sue Auchter
  • Charlie & Lana Schumacher
  • Gail Schulz Ostermann
  • Steve and Susie Auchter
  • Dr. Michael Hansen & Patty Gallun Hansen
  • Ruth Lansing
  • Marty and Kathy Auchter
  • Sue Loken
  • Dave & Carol Schenker
  • John & Linda Auchter
  • Will Auchter
  • Scott Westerbeke
  • Kevin and Katie Delahunt
  • Steve & Jessica Mai
  • Bruce & Shirley Krenzke
  • E.L. & Rechelle Chaffee
  • Robert & Laura Nelson
  • John & Sue Long
  • Jared & Amy Cottrell
  • Tim & Renee Schlitz
  • Steve & Judith Cassidy
  • Jennifer Schlenvogt
  • Jeff & Amy Johns
  • Mark & Kelly Conrardy
  • Carolyn Schreiner-Picciolo
  • Woody & Renita Burrell
  • Dr. John & Kathy Schoonenberg
  • Jake & Heidi Curtis
  • Gary & Lisa Wickert
  • Gary & Karen Schaefer
  • Janet Rilling
  • Jeff Cowie
  • Chuck & Marlyn Gassert
  • Joe & Grace Kassander
  • Bob & Robin Van Dinter
  • David Mueller
  • Roman & Anna Bakalinsky
  • Bruce & Elizabeth Duncan
  • Kerri Wiertzema
  • J. David & Mary Glenn Fuchs
  • Nate & Lisa Altheimer
  • David & Libby Allen
  • Carol Boettcher
  • Heidi Morgan
  • Michele Miller
  • Bob Lauer
  • Dan & Patricia Palkovic
  • Steve Schowalter
  • Pete Didier
  • James Schowalter
  • Dave Didier
  • Steve Bennett
  • Tom Didier
  • Dr. Barrett Struab
  • Dr. Mike Hansen
  • JJ & Tanya Loose
  • Mike Enright
  • Mark Doll
  • Jeff & Angel Schmit
  • Joseph & Kory Eernisse
  • Chuck & Liane Baranek
  • Scott & Kelly Yanke
  • Rick Leach
  • John & Heidi Zellmer
  • Beth Hodorowski
  • Alex Leykin
  • Gary & Betty Vande Boom
  • Shannon Smyth
  • Vicki Kell
  • Dan & Nancy Den Boer
  • Brian & Laura Behnken
  • Blaine Hilgendorf
  • Pam & Robb Helf
  • Amy & Skip McConeghy
  • Regina & Chad Curran
  • Jenny & Dan Meehan
  • Barbara & Richard Janssen
  • Katie & Joe Hammes
  • Lori & Pat McGuire
  • Mary-Kay Bourbulas & Greg Zimmerschied
  • Eric Stelter
  • MaryJane and Mark Baumgartner
  • Cyndy & Jeff Verhagen
  • Dania & Robert Sereno
  • Jeff Mayer
  • John Weinrich
  • Andrew Risch
  • Robert Porsche
  • Sam Rogers
  • Barb & Mark Grossmeyer
  • Donna Neumann

“The most important issue in any judicial election is philosophy. Voters understand that the proper role of judges is to apply the law as written, and not as they wish it to be. I support Steve Cain for Ozaukee Circuit Court because I am confident he shares my judicial philosophy and I appreciate his commitment to be a ‘servant of the law.'”

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice 
Rebecca Bradley

Wisconsin Judiciary

  • Justice Rebecca Bradley
  • Justice Daniel Kelly
  • Michael Gableman, retired
  • Hon. Todd Martens, Washington County Circuit Court
  • Hon. Andrew Gonring, Washington County Circuit Court
  • Hon. James Muehlbauer, Washington County Circuit Court
  • Hon. James Pouros, Washington County Circuit Court
  • Hon. Jon Fredrickson, Racine County Circuit Court
  • Hon. Derek Mosely, Milwaukee Municipal Court
  • Hon. Phil Chavez, Milwaukee Municipal Court
  • Hon. Brad Matthiesen, Menomonee Falls Municipal Court
  • Hon. Scott Wales, Fox Point Municipal Court
  • Hon. Chris Lipscomb, Northshore Municipal Court
  • Hon. Mark Kapocius, Greendale Municipal Court
  • Hon. Peter Hemmer, St. Francis Municipal Court
  • Hon. Paul Murphy, West Allis Municipal Court
  • Hon. Mark Powers, North Prairie Municipal Court
  • Hon. Joseph Dorlack, New Berlin Municipal Court

“Steve’s experience as a municipal court judge and as a private practice attorney make him uniquely qualified to serve the people of Ozaukee County. Those qualifications and years of service to the Ozaukee County community and legal profession are unmatched.”

State Senator Alberta Darling

“Steve Cain is an extremely fine lawyer, well versed in the real work we do in our courthouse. He understands what’s important to the citizens of Ozaukee County, and has the knowledge, experience and acumen to be an outstanding circuit court judge. I strongly endorse Steve.”

Ozaukee District Attorney 
Adam Gerol

“After 34 years in law enforcement I know what’s needed in a Circuit Court Judge. Steve Cain is the right person for the job. I’ve known Steve as a prosecutor and a Judge. From years of personal experience in Municipal Court, I know he’ll do his part to ensure public safety and will be fair and respectful to all who appear before him. I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

Scott Nicholson, Thiensville Police Chief, Retired

“There are far too many judges in the state who do not appreciate the principle of separation of powers. I am confident Steve will respect the role of the legislature as it makes policy determinations while vigorously applying the constitutional oversight that is the prerogative of the judiciary. Steve understands the proper role of a judge – to declare what the law is, not what he wishes it to be.”

State Senator Duey Stroebel

“As a former Ozaukee County Board Chairman, I appreciate the integral role circuit court judges play in addressing the opiate crisis that is afflicting far too many families,” stated Rep. Brooks. “As a municipal court judge for over ten years, Steve is in a position to immediately contribute to ending this scourge.”

State Rep. Rob Brooks

“Some candidates claim to have the right judicial philosophy and relevant experience, while others prove it by their actions,” observed Rep. Knodl. “Steve fits the latter category – he is committed to a conservative judicial philosophy and has proven over almost twenty years in private practice he possesses the experience Ozaukee County voters demand in their judges.”

State Rep. Dan Knodl


  • Robert Feind, Jr.
  • Charles Blumenfield
  • Gerald Antoine
  • Brad Hoeft
  • Eric Eberhardt
  • Mike Penkwitz
  • Brian Herro
  • Mike Herbrand
  • Kelly Centofanti
  • Tim Schoonenberg
  • Dave Krier
  • Jacques Condon
  • Rob Holtz
  • Jon LaVoy
  • John Hawley
  • John Best
  • Phillip Arieff
  • Gerry Kiefer
  • Tim Voeller
  • Chris Cherella
  • John DeStefanis
  • Mike Golden
  • Michael Schuman
  • Matt Stippich
  • Paul Selin
  • James Danaher
  • Margaret Zickhur
  • Corinne Kaplan
  • Ben Kurten
  • Brian Henning
  • Brian Randall
  • Jason Bartel
  • Scott Wales
  • Mark Powers
  • Andrew Mishlove
  • Bruce McIlnay
  • Jim Button
  • Jeff Morgan
  • Tim Algiers
  • Brian Smigelski
  • Barbara O’Brien
  • Michael Hart
  • Craig Powell
  • Basil Loeb
  • Megan Heinzelman
  • Douglas Patch
  • Kirsten Hildebrand
  • Darcy McManus
  • Perry Lieuallen

“I am pleased that Judge Steve Cain has chosen to pursue a position on the Ozaukee County Circuit Court.  Through his service as a municipal court judge, he has already demonstrated that he is a very capable jurist who will faithfully apply the law as written.  Along with Judge Voiland, I look forward to welcoming him to the bench.”

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice 
Daniel Kelly

Local Government

  • Mike O’Keefe, Mayor, City of Cedarburg
  • Dan Abendroth, Mayor, City of Mequon
  • Van Mobley, Village President, Village of Thiensville
  • Supervisor Lew Herro – Ozaukee County Board
  • Chris Reimer – Cedarburg School Board
  • Brandon Goldbeck- Cedarburg School Board
  • Dave Krier – Cedarburg School Board
  • Jeff Brey, Cedarburg School Board
  • Dale Mayr, Alderman, District 3, City of Mequon
  • Jim Melichar, Town Chairman, Town of Port Washington
  • Mike Didier- Supervisor, Town Of Port Washington
  • Rod Galbraith – Alderman, District 7, City of Cedarburg
  • Patricia Thome – Alderwoman, District 6, City of Cedarburg
  • Kip Kinzel, Former Mayor, City of Cedarburg
  • Jim Coutts, Former Mayor, City of Cedarburg
  • John Long, Trustee, Village of Fredonia
  • David Salvaggio, Town Chairman, Town of Cedarburg
  • Gary Wickert, Town Supervisor, Town of Cedarburg
  • Paul Melotik, Supervisor, Ozaukee County Board
  • Paul Neumyer, Alderman, District 2, City of Port Washington
  • Scott Huebner, Former Mayor, City of Port Washington
  • Kristin Burkart, Alderwoman, District 3, City of Cedarburg
  • Tom Winker, Supervisor, Ozaukee County Board
  • Marty Wolf, Supervisor, Ozaukee County Board