March 25, 2019

Cedarburg– Looking to the general election on April 2, voters seek meaningful information regarding the two candidates for Ozaukee Circuit Court Judge to make an informed decision at the polls.  Voters want to know whether the candidates hold the necessary experience and qualities to be a good judge: the knowledge of laws substantive and procedural, the integrity to apply the law as written, the ability to make decisions in a timely manner, and the temperament to preside with respect to all persons.

To offer voters an opportunity to hear from the candidates in person, the Ozaukee Bar Association asked both candidates to participate in a forum.  The forum was to have occurred during the two weeks prior to the general election.  

Steve Cain readily agreed to participate and made flexible his schedule to accommodate several dates.  However, the Ozaukee Bar Association ultimately advised that Steve’s opponent declined to participate notwithstanding the Ozaukee Bar Association proposing several dates over a two-week period.  

“It is shocking that my opponent declined the forum,” commented Steve Cain.  “It is expected that candidates participate in forums when running for elected positions.  This is like applying for a job where voters make the hiring decision.  Voters rely upon forums as the interview process where candidates answer questions about issues that matter most to voters.  Without a forum, voters of Ozaukee County are denied the opportunity to know who my opponent is and whether she has the experience necessary to be a good judge.  This is a true loss for voters of Ozaukee County.”

About Steve.  Cain has served as a municipal court judge for nearly 10 years and has practiced law in Ozaukee County for nearly 20 years.  He is an active community member having served as President of the Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club, Wisconsin Municipal Judges Association and Ozaukee County Bar Association. He resides in Cedarburg with his wife Heather and two sons.